August 14, 2018

Outrage As Toke Makinwa Sells Whitening Set For $650… Would You Buy It? [Photos]

After much controversy surrounding Toke Makinwa’s beauty product including the nvde shot of the divorcee, the entrepreneur has finally released the products and they are not for the average Nigerian.

The products which were released earlier today on the official website sells the total whitening set for $670 while each product ranges from $100 to $200…

A number of Toke’s fans have cried out at the ridiculous price asking if the products are only for the elites in the society.

A calculation of the “glow” gives a whopping sum of N195,000 an amount termed outrageous by many of Toke’s fans.

Toke is also criticized for promoting skin whitening in 2018 when people are embracing their maturing skin.

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