May 11, 2018

Unbelievable: Bride Catches Fiance Cheating With Her Bridesmaid Just Before Their Church Wedding

A woman about to get married to her man has caught him cheating with her bridesmaid just before their church wedding.

Alejandra outed the pair at the wedding

A suspicious woman tested her partner's loyalty before their big day, but it did not end well for either of them, Daily Star UK reports.

Alejandra had a civil marriage with the man she thought would be her life-long partner.

Just weeks after they tied the knot officially, the pair decided to have a full church wedding to celebrate their marriage religiously with family and friends.

But before Alejandra invited all the guests to the event, she wanted to make sure her partner Marco was loyal.

So, the young stunner contacted YouTube's To Catch a Cheater to follow Marco and see what he got up to in his spare time.

But no one could have been prepared for what they recorded.

Video footage shows the moment the Spaniard met with one of Alejandra's bridesmaids – Cassandra – on the beach.

And another clip appeared to catch the deceitful duo romping in the back of a car.

But when the footage was shown to Alejandra, she did not get mad.

She decided to go on with the wedding anyway, pretending she was unfazed by the act.

But when the big day came, she surprised everyone during the exchanging of the vows.

The priest said: "In order to form a marriage, there must be love, trust and forgiveness."

But mid-way through his speech, the bride grabbed the microphone and exclaimed: "Before moving forward I would like to tell everyone something.

"I won't be marrying you Marco.
"You are a d*** and I won't let you fool me anymore.
"I know what you did with that w***e [Cassandra].
"I know you cheated on me – how dare you."
The bridesmaid then stormed out of the venue before Marco chased after her and the guests were left shocked.


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