May 24, 2018

Shocking!! Yahoo Yahoo And 419 In Nigeria Appears On UK Exams Question Papers

A UK-based Nigerian lady who is currently schooling in the European country, has shared her examination questions as she revealed how sad she is with the bad name Nigeria has gotten because of high rise of internet fraud.

She posted screenshots of her examination question paper in which one of the questions was centred around internet fraud, popularly known as ‘Yahoo Yahoo’ in Nigeria, and wrote;

“This is my exam paper for a module named “Law in a business context” with the red circle which I did today 23rd of May. Stepping out of the exam hall my friends were like “Fola how did you feel about question 22” and for the first time in my life, I felt ashamed of being a Nigerian.

I believe fraud is being committed everywhere but for it to be recognised and used as an exam question in UK, then it is VERY BAD for Nigeria. My lecture slide showed a typical example of a “yahoo boy’s” storyline in the green circle, I went further to search for “Advence-fee scam” with the belief that it was exaggerated in my lecture slide and I found the information in the blue circle.

I am short of words at the moment realising the fact that there’s been so much issues lately about “yahoo boys” on social media, this is not a good reputation for Nigerians at all……. This matter tire me ooo my people.”

See her post below;


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