May 16, 2018

Ramadan 2018 To Begin On Thursday, May 17… Moon Not Sighted In Saudi Arabia [See More Details Inside]

The holy month of Ramadan will begin on Thursday, May 17, it was announced today.

The announcement was made after the Saudi moon-sighting committee met on Tuesday evening and were not able to sight the Ramadan crescent, Al Arabiya reported.

Although Ramadan is always on the same day of the Islamic calendar, the date on the Gregorian calendar varies from year to year, since the Gregorian calendar is a solar calendar and the Islamic calendar is a lunar calendar. This difference means Ramadan moves ahead in the Gregorian calendar by 10-11 days every year.

Earlier today, the Australian National Imams Council has declared that the holy month of Ramadan will begin on Thursday, May 17. In a post on their verified Facebook page, the council said Taraweeh prayers will be held on Wednesday, May 16.


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