May 3, 2018

Davido Bought Second Hand Porsche Car For Chioma And Not For ₦45 Million

The news currently making the rounds is the Porsche car Davido bought for his girlfriend, Chioma, but it been so far revealed that the car nowhere the price Davido claimed and moreover the car is not a brand new.

While some news sources put the value of the car at N45 million, it has been revealed that the figure Davido spent on the car is nowhere near the case. It even shows that the car is clearly a tokunbo vehicle (second hand or fairly used). Even brand new Cayennes can be obtained for less than N45 million.

According to research conducted by auto aficionado’s, the truck is a 2011 model which retails from about ($25,000) N10 million, exclusive of customs and other charges which can never make it amount to N45 million.

The total value of the vehicle is usually less than N20 million. However the trim Davido purchased seems to be full options probably bringing the total value of the car to about N20 million.

Though N20 million is still a huge sum of money, it should n’t be mistaken for N45 million as seen in the media yesterday.

Even the 2018 model starts retailing from about $65000 (N24 million) and certainly to get it to Nigeria will still be less than N40 million, depending on how ambitious the car dealer is.


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