March 12, 2018

#MothersDay: Checkout Bovi’s hilarious message to his wife Kris

Abovi Ugboma popularly known as Bovi took to his social media page to share a hilarious message to celebrate his wife and mother of their three kids, Kris on Mother’s day.

He shared the photo above on his Instagram page with the caption;

Happy Mother’s Day to us @krisasimonye . Who made the woman a mother? Me! Who helped to push? Me! Who did they disturb his sleep? Me! What is jerrycan if there’s no fuel from the nozzle? So happy Mother’s Day, thanks to me!!!

Me! Me! Me! In short, happy Mother’s Day to me!

Bovi began his career in April 2007,[5] starring in the sitcom Extended Family,[6] which he produced, wrote, and packaged. [7] The show was very popular, and by 2008 Bovi was leading comedy shows and events throughout Nigeria.[8] He participated in Nite of 1000 Laughs organized by Opa Williams. Bovi has worked alongside other Nigerian comedians such as I Go Dye, I Go Save, Basketmouth, Buchi, Odogwu, Okey Bakassi, Julius Agwu and others.[9]


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