March 2, 2018

“If Not For Guys, Girls Wouldn’t Have Eaten Pizza, Shawarma Or Been To The Cinema” – Nigerian Lady Says.

A Nigerian lady has commotion online after she made a controversial statement that has caused tongues to wag – the lady is of the notion that most Nigerian ladies are not self endorsed to give themselves a good time.

According to Ezreal Ani of Twitter, most girls wouldn’t have eaten pizza, shawarma or even gone to the cinema if not that guys are the ones taking them there.

If not for Guys, most girls wouldn't have eaten Pizza, Shawarma, or been to the cinema.
Her statement has caused a frenzy online and females, most especially, are not having it – most of them are saying she should speak for herself and not generalize the whole thingy.
What do you think though?

This comes just days after another lady took to the same Twitter to bash ladies who are users of popular mobile gadget, iPhone 6 and still stick with their boyfriends who use the newly announced iPhone X.

She asks why such ladies put up with such stingy boyfriends… Cause if their boyfriends truly love them, they’d upgrade their phones for them.

She wrote,

I wonder how your boyfriend will be using iPhone X and you the girlfriend will still be using iPhone 6? Why can’t he upgrade your phone for you ? and he claims he loves you? I honestly don’t know how some of you girls put up with stingy guys. God forbid


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