February 19, 2018

"Ghosts Come To Sleep With Women Who Sleep Unclad, Making Them Barren" - Native Doctor Claims

A native doctor has made a rather shocking claim insinuating that women who sleep unclad risk being exploited by ghosts and becoming barren.

Ali Maalim Bakari
Ali Maalim Bakari a.k.a Mganga wa Nyuki is a native doctor who has made a controversial statement about women who sleep unclad.

The Kenyan man claimed that women who sleep without their clothes are in high risk of becoming barren in life.

The native doctor who was speaking to The Nairobian, said that he has been involved in the business for the past 10 years and knows what he is talking about.

“Many people don’t know that sleeping unclad especially for women is not safe. That is how ghosts show up at night and have s*x with some ladies making them barren. These women lack s*x appetite. I always advise women to wear something, even a panty alone,“ he said.

“For instance, when a client complains of poor performance in bed, I urge them to spice up their bedroom game and also check on diet. Further, women should not throw their pads aimlessly, since that is what people use to block their uterus,” he said.

He also disclosed he inherited his powers from his late dad and made a secret oath that requested the slaughter of two cocks.

“I inherited this gift from my late father. It is a normal thing to pass this gift to your kids. In our case, we are three sons in our family, but my brother refused and I took over. Our ancestors were not happy with him and they made him lose one eye,” the 32-year-old man born and bred in Kwale said.

The witchdoctor also claimed politicians do storm his place seeking powers during rallies.

“They usually come for charms to attract crowds in rallies and beat their competitors. To help them, I smear special oil on their underwear and clothes that they must wear when going to meet rivals or crowd,” he said.


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