February 22, 2018

Drama As Church Allegedly Refuses To Refund Tithe Payer Who Mistakenly Paid N111k Instead Of N11k

A Nigerian man who mistakenly paid more money than he originally intended to as tithe in church, has been refused a refund.

Daddy Freeze 

Popular Nigerian OAP, Daddy Freeze, has shared the stunning story of a man who was allegedly denied a refund after he overpaid his tithe in a church.

Daddy Freeze revealed that the man whose name was given as called Anthony paid N111k as tithe when he intended to pay N11k and now the church has refused to pay him back the excess fund even after complaints.

Daddy Freeze shared a video of himself apparently receiving a call from the said Anthony during his live radio show. The man can be heard explaining the dilemma he is in.

According to him, someone gave him money for a project so he went to church to pay his tithe via POS.

He revealed that he wanted to type N11k but mistakenly typed N111k while making the payment. When he saw the error after the church service, he went to complain to the church so as get a refund, however he was told that there was nothing that could be done as he had already paid the money to God and that that was it.

Watch the video video:


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